Internship Opportunities

ARSTL Group offers practice opportunities for students who finish their studies. Every Year we offer the opportunity for 50 students to wage their practice.

This practice will last for about 3 months and during this period you will have great opportunities to stand near professionals and to understand the real practice of the work. You will be able to get training and other knowledge from these experts taking advantage of an international experience that will help you start a successful career.

Based on your successful work, some interns will have the possibility to be part of our staff.

To apply send a motivation letter at [email protected] where you define:

  • Student Name and Surname
  • University where you study
  • University Degree
  • Duration of internship
  • The department you want to practice
  • Explain your professional expectations for your internship and your career.

Based on your expectations and your degree of studies you will be set on Arseni Ltd stabiliment in Shkodra or in our offices in Tirana.