History of ARSTL

“ARSTL Group – Never Ending Choices”

ARSTL Group Company operates in Albania since 1998. ARSTL Group was created by the merger of three major companies Arseni Ltd, TL-08 Ltd and GAMM 2012 Ltd.
Arseni Ltd was founded in 1998 as exclusive producer of our brands and also covers import-export of some well known international brands.
TL-08 Ltd was founded in 2008 with the mission to cover distribution of our brands throughout Albania and nearby countries.
GAMM 2012 Ltd was founded in 2012 and offers marketing services for the entire ARSTL Group.

ARSTL Group began activity first as importer and exclusive distributor of well known brands back then, which provided us the opportunity to destribute products all over Albanian territory.  Over time, thanks to its vision and strategy, ARSTL Group decided to collaborate with the well-known Austrian company Akras Flavors Gmbh, by investing in a modern factory of production-packaging located near the city of Shkodra. Invested value at the “Arseni Ltd” factory is over 15 million Euros. The Austrian technology selected at “Arseni Ltd” factory has been considered as the most outstanding modern technology in the Balkans for production and packaging.

Year after year ARSTL Group expanded portfolio of products and today brings to the market some of the most popular and consumed brands in Albania, among many others brands such as Tropikal, B-52 Energy Drink, B-2 Power Drink, All Natural Iced Tea, Loti i Zanave, Acqua Julia, etc. ARSTL Group products are certified with the most recognized international standards such as: ISO UNI-EN-ISO 22000: 2005, CDQ ITALIA CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY, ICDQ CERTIFIED QUALITY.

Arseni Ltd has signed exclusivity contracts for local and regional distribution of brands such as the famous 300-year-old German beer “Warsteiner”, which wins every quality prize in Germany in all brewing competitions; “Pasta Julia” a well-known pasta brand that is imported from the region of Puglia, Italy; “Axal detergents”, etc., who all have occupied a worthy spot in the market by gaining priority in certain market segments. For several years now, Arseni Ltd has been producing-packing and distributing locally and exporting in several countries of the region and world such as: Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Italy, Austria, Greece, United Arab Emirates, etc.

TL-08 Ltd covers distribution for the entire country and region. The distribution network consists of over 150 transport vehicles that perform transportation of our products all over Albania and nearby countries. TL-08 organize distribution via authorized distributors in the main cities of Albania such as: Durrës, Elbasan, Pogradec, Vlora, Fier, Berat, etc. Authorized distributors operate under our instructions and strategy.

GAMM 2012 Ltd covers marketing services for all ARSTL Group, incuding market studies, media relations, promotions, activity in different faires, organisation of special events, printing services to fulfill the needs of our partners and clients.

Values shared by ARSTL Group are dedication and respect to the consumer, maximum service quality, rigor in the production and distribution process, adjustment of value chain and costs and respecting the image of our companies or our branches, locally and abroad.

ARSTL Group’s mission is to build a flawless distribution network, to have comprehensive human resources, to build an extensive clientele who is promptly supplied, to maintain optimized costs and satisfaction in achieving daily and annual objectives. ARSTL Group’s vision is to establish itself as one of the best distribution companies, a market leader for the brands it produces and imports, and to constitute a genuine ‘academy’regarding distribution and sales.

Company strategy

  • Trading products that meet customer requirements.
  • Strengthening the customer’s connection with our products.
  • Commitment to the customer by offering you quality and healthy products.
  • Increasing purchasing power through a powerful distribution network.
  • Maximum engagement in fulfilling our obligations.
  • Product support through media, promotions, fairs and major events.
  • Respecting the image of our companies or affiliates in our country and abroad.
  • Professional growth of our employee.
  • Active involvement of every employee in our vision and strategy.
  • Creating an environmental incentive for employees.

Certification of products

Products that ARSTL Group trades are certified with the most recognized international standards such as:

ISO UNI-EN-ISO 22000:2005