Tropikal Juices

Tropikal Juices

Tropikal Juices

Tropikal (fruit juices).
The name Tropikal takes it’s name from the Tropics where the climate is perfect for ripeness of various fruits. Tropikal uses the best fruits to produce it’s flavors.
Tropikal Juices are created to bring consumers, 100% natural fruit juices, produced with natural ingredients, with high content of fruit and without containing any artificial colorants harmful to the human body.
Ingredients used for Tropikal Juices are imported from Europian Union (EU), distinguished for precision and high quality standards.
The formula of Tropikal Juices was created by the world-famous Austrian company Akras Flavors Gmbh.
Production-Packaging is carried out at the ARSTL Group factory, using the most advanced care and technology and in compliance with the highest quality standards approved by the EU.

It’s recommended to be used by all age groups.

Benefits of Tropikal Juices:

  • Tropikal juices take their sweetness from Stevia (natural sweetener).
  • Produced with natural ingredients (100% natural juice).
  • They contain complex vitamins which gives countless benefits for health.
  • The thickness of Tropical Juices comes  from the pulp of the fruit.

When to drink Tropikal Juices:

Tropikal Juices are recommended to consume by all those who want a healthy lifestyle.


Certifications of Tropikal Juices:

ISO UNI-EN-ISO 22000:2005




Flavors of  Tropikal Juices

Tropikal CAN 0.25 L
Tropikal can is the prefect packaging for those who consume juices in bars, restaurants, street kiosks, for those who decide to take the Tropikal with them in their bags and anywhere else.

Tropikal PET 0.5 L
Tropikal PET, fully recyclable packaging and highly resistant material against microorganism attacks. One of the most favorite packaging by consumers.

Tropikal PET 1.5 L


Tropikal Tetrapak 1 L
Tetrapack, environmentally-friendly and one of the safest packaging that does not come in contact with air, sunlight, and so on. Tropikal Tetrapack guarantees the taste, nutritional values and your health safety.

Tropikal Tetrapak 2 L