AXAL Detergent

AXAL Detergent

AXAL Detergent

Axal (detergent).
Axal means purity.
Axal detergent is designed to provide maximum cleanliness and a fantastic scent to clothes.
It is a universal cleanser, intended to wash all kinds of clothes, to guarantee cleanliness and to take care for them. Thanks to the strength of the active ingredients, it provides complete removal of the most severely stubborn and stained spots, also bacteria.
Axal detergent is produced by Albus Company, which carries the tradition and long experience in the production of quality detergents.
The exclusive importer in Albania for this product is ARSTL Group.
ARSTL Group offers Axal detergent with the best price and customer service in the market.

Used for white and colored clothes.

Benefits of AXAL:

  • Detergent for white and colored clothes, for washing with washing machine and by hand
  • It contains grains or numerous washing enzymes that make quality washing
  • The bids and super deals that the company makes on this product

Formats of AXAL:

  • 3 Kg
  •  6 Kg

Types of AXAL:

  • Orkidea
  • Sensitive
  • Protection